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2022 Oct - 2023 Mar


NewJaisa - Get Renewed Electronics at 50% less price

NewJaisa is a company that specializes in the refurbishment and sale of electronics in India. Their mission is to make refurbished electronics mainstream, empowering people to make more environmentally friendly choices. They offer a variety of refurbished electronics such as laptops, desktops, and mobile phones, which undergo a rigorous 52-stage inspection process to ensure top-notch performance for their customers.


Each member brought their unique skills and experience to the table, and we collaborated effectively to ensure the project's success. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked alongside such a talented and dedicated team.



Client questionnaire

To gain insight into user behavior and know people's behavior. We conducted interviews and analyzed their results. We asked some open-ended questions to the participants and understood their pain points.

Competitor analysis

I analyzed competitors' e-commerce sites for NewJaisa, studying user experience, product presentation, checkout process, reviews, mobile responsiveness, and more. Insights gained will refine NewJaisa's platform, creating a better, customer-oriented shopping experience based on observed preferences and dislikes.

Information architecture

We meticulously crafted the website's information architecture, ensuring seamless navigation and intuitive user journeys. Our approach prioritized clarity and organization, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.


We translated our vision into tangible design by creating comprehensive wireframes that visualized the website's structure and functionality.






I've developed 11 insightful infographic screens that vividly depict the meticulous inspection process, assuring customers of a performance-driven experience.

Final mockups

The following phase was developing the details; it needed to end up being ready to fit the organized layout. The text hierarchy, graphics, as well as images, required to end up being coherent with the overall look & feel and delivering the message precisely

Homepage (After)

Homepage (Before)

Product details (After)

Product details (Before)

Products listing (After)

Products listing (Before)

Key insights and takeaways

  1. Understanding the target audience is crucial: By identifying the various personas and their needs, frustrations, and goals, the project team can design a website that caters to their specific needs and pain points.
  2. Incorporating e-commerce features can boost sales: With more and more consumers shopping online, the addition of an e-commerce platform can be an effective way to increase sales and customer satisfaction.
  3. The company's emphasis on providing discounts and deals can be a key driver in attracting customers and increasing sales.
  4. Targeted discount programs, such as those for students and bulk orders, can help NewJaisa reach specific audiences and drive repeat business.